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Best YouTube Channels to learn React in 2023 | Code Insight

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Alexandre Ferreira
Alexandre Ferreira

Best YouTube Channels to learn React in 2023

If you're looking to learn React, you're in luck! Whether you come from an engineering background or are a self-learner, continuous learning is key to becoming a good developer. And YouTube has a vast array of resources to help you learn and master React.

With the popularity of React and the constant evolution of web development technologies, it's important to stay updated with the latest best practices and techniques. These channels offer a wide range of content, from beginner to advanced, and cover various topics related to React, such as Redux, NextJS, TypeScript, and more.

To help you get started, I've cherry-picked 🍒 the best channels to learn React in 2023.

My Favorites

Jack Herrington - Blue Collar Coder

Jack Herrington YouTube channel cover image

Jack Herrington is one of the coolest React guys on YouTube 😊. If you're short on time and looking for just one channel to follow, pick this one.

For juniors, I recommend watching the Learn React and TypeScript playlist. If you've been doing React for a while and are looking to improve your skills, take the Become a Pro react Developer.

In his channel, Jack compares React with other libraries like Solid, Svelte, and more. He presents different frameworks like Next, Astro, Fresh, and compares libraries of state management like Jotai, Recoil, Zustand, and more. In short, he talks about everything.

He regularly publishes new content, sometimes more than one video a week, and the best part is that his content is both abundant and high-quality.

Theo Browne -

Theo is the creator of the T3 stack and a very popular YouTuber, with almost 130k subscribers.

His content follows a different approach that distinguishes him from the others on this list. He's not much into tutorials or let's code along; rather, his content is mainly focused on his strong opinions about what's happening on the React/Node/TypeScript ecosystem.

He's not afraid to express himself about controversial subjects related to web development, even if it will not please everybody.

This channel is very interesting, with new content uploaded very often (I would say every other day).

Lee Robinson

Lee Robinson is the man of DX (developer experience) at Vercel, the company behind NextJS.

He is a super cool guy, very didactic, presenting a lot of cool stuff, like tutorials, discussions, announcements, and more.

His playlists, such as Learn NextJS and React 2025, are excellent resources to learn how to create clean React/Next.js apps. Although they will soon become outdated with the arrival of RSC (React Server Components) and Next.js 13, they are still useful.

Once the new app directory on NextJS becomes stable, I'm pretty sure he will release a new, fresh playlist on how to build an application from scratch using NextJS and server components.


Vercel YouTube channel cover image

Vercel is the company behind NextJS, one of the most popular React frameworks today. Their YouTube channel features a variety of content, including Next Conf talks, product updates, tutorials, and discussions. If Vercel is doing something new, you don't want to miss it.

Less active, but still worth following

Kent C. Dodds

Kent C Dodds YouTube channel cover image

Kent 🐨 is a full-time educator, creator of the famous react-testing-library, contributor to Remix, and author of many blogs and courses. Although he's been less active on YouTube in recent years, his channel still has hundreds of amazing videos. Keep in mind that some of the content may be outdated, but you can still learn new patterns, code design, and best practices that can be applied to a more modern stack.

Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov, creator of Redux and a member of the core team of React, is more active on Twitter than on YouTube. However, his importance to React makes it worth following him just in case. On his channel, you'll find some live streams about React, JavaScript, and math.

For Junior Developers (and Beyond)

freeCodeCamp YouTube channel cover image

freeCodeCamp is a popular free MOOC platform with over 7 million subscribers. You'll find plenty of tutorials on various software development topics, including many on React. Check out this playlist for some great React content.

Web Dev Simplified

Web Dev Simplified YouTube channel cover image

Web Dev Simplified shares all kinds of content, from the very basics to more advanced topics, always keeping a very easy-to-understand style. With almost 1.3 million subscribers, he's by far the most popular YouTuber on this list.

Web Dev Cody

Web Dev Cody YouTube channel cover image

Web Dev Cody not only helps you learn React but also provides a lot of great tutorials on how to ace technical interviews for React jobs. If you're applying for a new job and need to pass a technical interview, check out his videos. 😃

Lama Dev

Lama Dev YouTube channel cover image

Lama Dev provides tutorials on "real-world" projects, such as building dashboards, portfolios, e-commerce apps, and more.


Matt Pocock

Matt Pocock YouTube channel cover image

Although not focused on React specifically, Matt Pocock's channel is a must-watch for anyone using TypeScript with React in 2023. He's a TypeScript ninja 🥷 who teaches amazing stuff about TypeScript, including how to type your functions and components in React.


While this list is quite comprehensive, there's still a lot of great content on YouTube about React that we may have missed. We apologize if we left anyone out. Thank you to all the awesome creators who are providing this amazing content for free. They're dedicating a lot of time and hard work to help people learn new skills and improve their knowledge. 🙏

Don't be afraid to explore other resources to continue expanding your knowledge and skills in React. Happy learning!